Web Applications

  • Complete web application based on Go
  • Backend built with Go, using MySQL database for datastore. Frontend built with html5, Go templates and jquery. Excellent example: https://www.ParkGurus.com.

  • Natural Language Implementations
  • GoMesiters will customize (or help your team customize) our Natural Language API to suit your application.

  • Database development
  • Complete Service Center Management System based on MySQL.  Handles all aspect of service center management including, claims assignments to technicians, parts ordering, extended warranty billing, manufacturer billing and cash billings. Additional modules for field service scheduling and Interactive Voice Response customer updating.

  • Real Estate websites based on GoMeister's Natural Language API.
  • User's make search requests like "4 bedroom newer home within 5 miles of downtown Jacksonville. Excellent example: https://www.DreamRealty.com

  • Stalled Project Completion<
  • Have a web project that is going nowhere? Project you need help completing.  Converting it to Go, may be your best option. Go is relatively easy to develop with and is super fast.

App Development

  • Android Development
  • Implemented GoMeisters' Natural Language API in Parking App for ParkGurus.

  • Implemented API in real estate app for Dream Realty.
  • This video gives an excellent idea how our Natural Language API works:

  • IOS Development
  • GoMeisters is currently engaged in converting Park Guru's android application.