The Skedge API

Natural Language, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in general are becoming increasingly popular today in the world of computing. The language of choice has been Python - a flexible scripting language.

GoMeisters has taken advantage of the speed of Go to create a lightning fast natural language scheduling API (application programming interface).

Our most recent project, is a complete use of that API. A user can voice schedule parking through ParkGurus apps, both Android and IOS. There is also a special link on the their website,, where the user can use the laptop microphone to search for parking.

Example Natural Language commands would be "Find me a space near ASU tomorrow from 2PM to 4PM."  Or, "Motorycycle parking by Clearwater Beach for the month of August."  Or,"Find a space near me for the next 3 hours."

We first wrote this API in php. It was created for a real estate client, Dream Realty.  Below is a video of the API in action. Searches like "Find me a 3 bedroom newer home within 10 miles of Jacksonville Airport" are easily handled. As well as a common request,"I need a 2 bedroom condo on Jax Beach with an ocean view and an office."