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The Go programming language, often referred to as Golang, was developed by Google 10 years ago. It is rapidly becoming the language of choice for web development.

What is Go?

Go + Natural Language
Real Estate API

GoMeisters has created a natural language API for real estate searches. Known as "Dream Home Describe", it is currently in use in the Jacksonville Florida area.

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Latest News

Dream Realty

Dream Realty implements GoMeister's Golang micro-services api

DreamRealty.com, a Florida LLC, has expanded into the Jacksonville area with high-quality real estate agents.  The real-estate brokerage began selling residential real-estate in the Tampa/Clearwater area in 2005.

Dream Realty selected GoMeisters to create their website, android app and ios app. Dream Realty website and apps are using GoMeisters Dream Home Describe natural language voice search.

GoMeisters intends to expand to additional brokerages.

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Park Gurus

ParkGurus.com opens site to Sage Luxury Apts.

ParkGurus.com, an Arizona corporation, is now servicing its first beta apartment complex.  The parking sharing company selected GoMeisters to create their website, android app and ios app. The project was done ON TIME and BELOW BUDGET!

ParkGurus.com, based on Google Cloud and Go will first be expanding throughout Arizona.

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Dream Realty implements GoMeisters' API

GoMeisters developed a special app for DreamRealty.com that fully implements our natural language API.  A home searcher clicks on microphone and intones: "4 bedroom new home in Deerwood for less than 500k."

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Parking Gurus implements GoMeisters' API

GoMeisters customized our natural language API for ParkGurus.com.  A parking space searcher would click on the mic and say: "Garage parking nearby for the month of August" or "Motorcyle parking by Jacksonville Beach this afternoon."

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IBM targets mainframes with Go!

IBM targets flexible mainframes with open source golang on z Systems

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Go! New Relic goes with Golang

NewRelic has always been seen as a tech early adopter -- so it comes as no surprise to see them jump on the Go wagon

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About Us

GoMeisters is an expert team of developers, designers and consultants led by software pioneer, Sheldon Goldberg

Mr Goldberg was the founder of one of the original internet software companies: HURLnET was the first company to develop web-based billing software. "We love developing extraordinary software. After working with many different platforms, we have selected Go because it is fast, open source, easy to learn, extremely flexible and created by Google."

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